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29th Edition

Welcome to the Australian Indie Nail Polish Appreciation Society Newsletter for this week!  AIPAS is a Facebook group of brands and fans that have come together to share the love of Australian Indie Polish.  If you're only stumbling across this newsletter from the web, please drop by and check out our Facebook group for shared swatches, up to date release previews and our weekly challenge.


This week's theme was Revenge of the Nerds - inspired by computer games, sci-fi, fantasy and general nerdiness.

 Tara Capewell (Blog: Loki's Lacquer with Loki's Lacquer - Bite my shiny metal ass
Julie Steele Scott (Blog: Fancy Nails and Cups of Tea  with McKfresh Nail Attire - Willow
Cassandra Goodwin (Blog: Reluctant Femme with Loki's Lacquer - Allon-sy
Nicole Cousins (IG @victory_nails) with Celestial Cosmetics - Mercury Rising)
Briana Allan with Two Birds - Grape Nerds
Christine David (IG: @serenitynails_) with Femme Fatale Cosmetics - Crimson Expanse
Sarah Claire  (IG: @shattermeclaire) with with Pretty Serious - Creature Crush (Mario and Boo reverse stamping)
Sarah Claire (IG: @shattermeclaire) with Lilypad Lacquer - Peita's Potion (Hulk reverse stamping)
Cassandra Goodwin (Blog: Reluctant Femme with Loki's Lacquer - If It Bleeds, We Can Kill It
Jae Harrison (IG: @IG @procrastinatingpolishr) with Pretty Serious - CGA
Alinta McMurdo (IG: @alintamcmurdo) with Celestial Comsetics - Birth of a Star and Dead Set Babes - Eric in Chains
Courtney Butters-Kerr with McKfresh Nail Attire - Xander
Livia Scarcella  with Loki's Lacquer - Great Scott

All photos published are done so with the permission of the poster.  If you would like to see your photos included in the weekly theme, please put your name on the Permission - Photo use in AIPAS newsletter file.

Stay tuned for next week's theme, as Cassandra will be updating the themes list shortly.



Four colour shifting and six multi-chrome extremely limited edition shades at two very small restocks at 9am & 6pm on Thursday June 5th for Australian buyers only from with a strict limit of one of each shade per customer.

There will be a separate small restock for USA customers on Tuesday June 10th at 7pm USA Eastern Standard time.


The Moonstone Nail Polish and Shades of Phoenix 'Weird & Wonderful Flavours Collection' will be released on June 6th at 7pm. The collection is based around the idea of Bertie Bott's Every Flavoured Beans and how you never know what flavour you're gonna get! We have created 3 shades each which all have a 'good' and a 'bad/weird' flavour/name. Half of the bottles of each shade will be given the 'good' flavour/name and the other half, the 'weird'! You won't know which one you're gonna get until you get your open your parcel!

The complete 6 shade collection will be available at both and at the discounted price of $51.30 (a saving of 10%). Individual shades will also be available from their respective creators stores.


Bella Belle have released their new Strawberry Scented Soy Nail Polish Remover 15ml @ $6.50 each and also have a new collection My Precious trio for $27

This weekend there is a special offer as well, spend $30 (excluding postage) & receive an 8ml sample bottle of the soy remover FREE.


Two Birds Lacquer's have released their new cuticle oils. Two Birds been working hard over the last few months to come up with a winning formula - a blend of jojoba and sweet almond oil with a choice of lavender or ylang ylang essential oil which works with your natural sebum to give luscious, moisturised cuticles and healthy nails. Plus they smell divine!  The pen dispenser makes them ideal for application on the go, and at just $6.50 each you can keep one in your handbag, one in your car and one in your desk! Available from Etsy now.


Newly released this week, Gloss 'n Sparkle's Hail to the King Collection is inspired by Stephen King.  There is also a top coat, base coat and matte top coat named The Shining, Under the Dome and The Mist, respectively.

Available at within Australia, and the collection will soon be on its way to Llarowe and Edgy Nails, and will shortly be distributing through Mei Mei's Signatures as well.


The Australian Indie Polish Appreciation Society was created with a simple goal, to help promote and share the love of Aussie Indie polish brands.

You can join in the fun and keep track of the latest release and sale info, as well as giveaways and other polish related discussions by joining the AIPAS Facebook Group. If a community isn't your style, you can always follow this blog using GFC or Bloglovin and get some of the highlights.

The AIPAS Mod team comprises of Cassie Goodwin (Reluctant Femme), Nicole Wearmouth, Relle Kins (Lazy Lacquerista) and Teneil Masters (Shades of Phoenix/Shades of Teebee).

You can email the mod team at or send any of us a private FB message.


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