Saturday, 26 July 2014


37th Edition

Welcome to the Australian Indie Nail Polish Appreciation Society Newsletter for this week!  AIPAS is a Facebook group of brands and fans that have come together to share the love of Australian Indie Polish.  If you're only stumbling across this newsletter from the web, please drop by and check out our Facebook group for shared swatches, up to date release previews and our weekly challenge.


This week, our theme was I Want Candy! All of our favourite lollies, choccies and sweeties.

Anthea Cosentino with Sayuri Nail Lacquer - Candied Visions
Rebecca Lavender-Roberts (Polished Peripherals) with Shades of Phoenix - Poseidon and Powder Perfect - Coffee and Chocolate (mint crisp)

Nicole Cousins (IG @victory_nails) with Powder Perfect Deceptively Sweet (lilac musk sticks)
Relle Kins (Lazy Lacquerista) with Mckfresh Nail Attire - Whistling Choir Death Match Championship (bubble gum)
Cassandra Goowdin (Reluctant Femme) with Powder Perfect - Addictive Personality (fruit tingles)
Melissa Larkins (IG @clavum_es) with Peita's Polish - Fizzilicious (wizz fizz)

Brooke Castles (IG @babsnails) with Dead Set Babes - Learn it, Live it, Love it (jaw breaker)
Kirsty Stock (IG @kcs_beauty_room) with Peaches Polish - Apple Licorice 

Emma Marks (Attempting Fantastic) with Two Birds - Spearmint Leaves
Jae Harrison (IG @procrastinatingpolishr) with Peita's Polish - Smarty Pants, Gloss n Sparkle - Fruit Tingle, Alanna Renee - Chocolate Frog and Two Birds Lacquer - Aniseed Rings

 Teneil Masters (IG @shadesofteebee) with Sayuri Nail Lacquer - Loves Luster (musk sticks)
Alinta McMurdo (Polish & Paws) with Miss Ashleigh - Tickled Pink (neon nerds)
Kireina Kate Warner (The Polished Peony) with Peita's Polish - All Flavour No Bite (red frogs)
Adelle Waterhouse with Celestial Cosmetics - Men of Mayhem (Eye Candy)

Briana Allan with Glam Polish - King of all the Candy
Ames Spencer (IG @awesome_ames) with Two Birds Lacquer - Grape Nerds

Livia Scarcella with Shades of Phoenix - Zanna One-Way (fruit tingle)

All photos published are done so with the permission of the poster.  If you would like to see your photos included in the weekly theme, please put your name on the Permission - Photo use in AIPAS newsletter file.

Next week's theme is ...... Your Oldest Untried Polish



Sayuri will be at the Brisbane Twilight Markets on Friday August 1st from 4pm to 9pm.

They will also be at Greazefest on Saturday to Sunday 2nd and 3rd August (10am to 5pm Sat and 9am-5pm Sun).  Sayuri's new range of hair bows, earrings, rings and badges will be making their debut!

Shades of Phoenix are having a flash sale, which is still in effect until 7pm tonight!  Check out the graphic for more details.


The Australian Indie Polish Appreciation Society was created with a simple goal, to help promote and share the love of Aussie Indie polish brands.

You can join in the fun and keep track of the latest release and sale info, as well as giveaways and other polish related discussions by joining the AIPAS Facebook Group. If a community isn't your style, you can always follow this blog using GFC or Bloglovin and get some of the highlights.

The AIPAS Mod team comprises of Cassie Goodwin (Reluctant Femme), Nicole Wearmouth, Relle Kins (Lazy Lacquerista) and Teneil Masters (Shades of Phoenix/Shades of Teebee).

You can email the mod team at or send any of us a private FB message.


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