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AIPAS NEWSLETTER - 31st January 2014

Welcome to the Australian Polish Appreciation Society Newsletter!  We hope you are all doing well and coping with what the new year has brought you so far.


The theme this week was "Bright", where we encouraged everyone to bring out their gnarly neons, popping purples, ferocious fuschias, and burn some eyeballs!!

This is Liquid Fear from Arcane Lacquer, beautifully swatched by @procrastinatingpolishr
A perfectly pink creation featuring a custom neon pink from Loki's Lacquer, by @ronda_isms
This neon mani from Theresa Carter featuring polished from Miss Ashleigh
will certainly burn some eyeballs!
I think this mani from Christine David deserves some sort of award just for cramming so
many polishes into one design! She used Peita's Polish Jellybean Dream, Peita's Polish Miss. Dixie,
Celestial Cosmetics Oh!, and Glam Polish Carrie Me Away


GLAM POLISH - 3 collections releasing 30 January

Available for pre-order now

The Festival Collection is a stunning mix of iridescent glitter & microflakies in jelly bases.
Rydell High Collector's Series (Part 1) Inspired by the Movie/Musical Grease - bright scattered holos with shimmery microflakies 
Hollywood Magic Trio -fun glitter toppers with a mix of dots, holographic glitter & shapes.

McKFRESH NAIL ATTIRE  Ooo - Friends Collection

Promo imge by Caitlin Vine of  @caitnails Released 30 January 2014

INDEE POLISH CO - 27 January 2014

Pastel Cavalier Collection release
together with new logo, label and shape

SHADES OF PHOENIX - Reopening and release of 10 new colours

Every Body Loves collection (6 polishes), Life Thread (3 polishes) and Birthday Limited Edition


Femme Fatale Cosmetics will be closed from 12 February to 5 March 2014

Serenity Nail Spa is holding a giveaway

End Date and Time- Feburary 28th at 12.00 ES

Prize pack for one winner only. It will contain;
1 bottle Peita's Polish, Quick! Gloss Me Up!
1 bottle Powder Perfect, Midnight Planning
1 bottle Femme Fatale Cosmetics, Maddening Whispers
1 bottle Celestial Cosmetics, T's In A Tizz,
1 bottle of the winners choice Australian Indie Polish


The Australian Indie Polish Appreciation Society was created with a simple goal, to help promote and share the love of Aussie Indie polish brands.

You can join in the fun and keep track of the latest release and sale info, as well as giveaways and other polish related discussions by joining the AIPAS Facebook Group. If a community isn't your style, you can always follow this blog using GFC or Bloglovin and get some of the highlights.

The AIPAS Mod team comprises of Cassie Goodwin (The Reluctant Femme), Nicole Wearmouth, Relle Kins (Lazy Lacquerista) and Teneil Masters (Shades of Phoenix/Shades of Teebee).

You can email the mod team at or send any of us a private FB message. 


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