Sunday, 9 February 2014

AIPAS NEWSLETTER - 9 February 2014

14th Edition

Welcome to the Australian Indie Polish Appreciation Society newsletter for this week.  We're now firmly in the lead-up to Valentine's Day, and we've seen some great LE action by our Aussie brands.  Make sure you snap them up before they're all gone!


This week's theme was Skittles!!  Our members tasted the rainbow (please note consuming polish is not recommended), and we saw some great skittle manis.

Theresa Carter (It's All About the Polish) used Alanna Renee, Powder Perfect and Pretty Serious in her Skittle. Adelle Waterhouse (The Studded Claw) used Celestial Cosmetics, Emily de Molly and Pretty Serious Cosmetics.


Kat Bee (IG @katherinelb12) used Peaches Polish for her base colours, and topped with a glitter from Nail Bark.  Bec Dawber's skittle is entirely Sea Siren Cosmetics.

Christine David (IG @serenitynails_) with a Celestial Cosmetics skittle.


BELLA'S TOUCH LACQUER released 4 new colours this week.

PEACHES POLISH - Day & Night Collection release

Kirsty has advised that there will be 3 set in the 8ml bottles  for $35.00, which will not happen again with this collection.  Otherwise, available separately in 15ml bottles.
...all of these baby's all have there very own beauty Morning Star with its beautiful blue and bling , Milky Way with its beautiful glow in the dark, Dusk in its amazing rose red and hint of sapphire glitter, to Midnight Moon it's black bling and pretty purple glitter and last of all Sunrise it's fire orange with beautiful gold and fine bar glitter...


CELESTIAL COSMETICS have some discontinued polish on clearance!
Check the pic for the colours (and they have been marked down further to $5/$6).  

GLAM POLISH have some of their 2013 range on clearance.  
These shades are available in limited quantities.


The Australian Indie Polish Appreciation Society was created with a simple goal, to help promote and share the love of Aussie Indie polish brands.

You can join in the fun and keep track of the latest release and sale info, as well as giveaways and other polish related discussions by joining the AIPAS Facebook Group. If a community isn't your style, you can always follow this blog using GFC or Bloglovin and get some of the highlights.

The AIPAS Mod team comprises of Cassie Goodwin (The Reluctant Femme), Nicole Wearmouth, Relle Kins (Lazy Lacquerista) and Teneil Masters (Shades of Phoenix/Shades of Teebee).

You can email the mod team at or send any of us a private FB message. 

Glitter for All!

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