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18th Edition 

Welcome to the Australian Indie Nail Polish Appreciation Society Newsletter for this week!  AIPAS is a Facebook group of brands and fans that have come together to share the love of Australian Indie Polish.  If you're only stumbling across this newsletter from the web, please drop by and check out our Facebook group for shared swatches, up to date release previews and our weekly challenge.


Cassandra treated us to an excuse to wear some of our most exclusive polish this week, with the Discontinued or Limited Edition theme.  So, there is a possibility that if you fall in love with one of these polishes it will be forever out of your reach, but aren't they so pretty?  

Rosemarie Still  (Blog: Every Little Polish) with Sayuri Nail Lacquer - Joyful (LE)
Kierra Thorn with Love Thy Polish - Batty Lacqy (Exclusive)

Jae Harrison (IG @procrastinatingpolishr) with Sayuri Nail Lacquer - Fro Cone (LE)
Ronda Duong (IG @ronda_isms) with Love Thy Polish - Zombie Brains (LE)
Naomi McWhirter with Emily de Molly - Majestic Flight (Discont.)
Christine David (IG @serenitynails_) with Shades of Phoenix - Dionyssis 1.0 (LE)

Vanessa Cruz (Blog: Nesstopia) with Sayuri Nail Lacquer - Graveyard Whispers (LE)

All photos published are done so with the permission of the poster.  If you would like to see your photos included in the weekly theme, please put your name on the Permission - Photo use in AIPAS newsletter file.

Next week's theme is YELLOW!  Remember our themes are pretty loose - if you don't have a yellow Indie polish, but have one with yellow glitter in it, wear that one! 


Peaches Polish released three new shades on Friday, seen below as swatched by LilyandJinks.  Kirsty from Peaches Polish has given us a run down, which will be below the photos.

A beautiful rich purple jelly polish with fine pink glitters, light purple Hex glitter and white bar glitter. 
3 coats with topcoat in this picture. You really don't need a topcoat with this polish it is that glossy you don't  need one. But you can add a top coat if you prefer.  

A pretty sliver shimmer glitter bomb (topper or by its self ) 
White snow flakes, holo snow flakes,  Sapphire hex glitter, Lavender hex glitter, Pink hex glitter Sliver Holo hex glitter. 2 coats with top coat to get that shimmer to pop even more. 

This beauty is such a mystical polish, through the day time it's a Pearl green with a shimmer of Red,Purple and Blue plus Aqua Dots ,Neon Green Squares and fine White hex. Then at night it will GLOW IN THE DARK!!!! A sweet little Blue-Green fairy coming to say hello. Wear it by itself or over an undie. 


Bluebird Nails will be releasing the first three polishes of their polish range on Monday 10th March.  There is also an Instagram giveaway on foot, so make sure you check out the Giveaways section of the newsletter for more info!

Mckfresh Nail Attire are having a 25% off all orders over $25 until the 18th of April!  The discount code is MCKIVERSARY1.  This sale is to help people get ready for their huge giveaway coming up for their 1st birthday (details of the contest also in the Giveaways section).


It's Sayuri's First Birthday Giveaway!
Ends March 31st 11:59pm AEST
First prize - 6 Sayuri polishes, Second prize - 3 Sayuri polishes
Open internationally

Bluebird Nails Polish is holding an Instagram giveaway to celebrate their first polish range launch.  

The prizes: 
first will win all 4 full size bottles,
Second will win the 2 mini's of their choice
third will win their favorite mini bottle
open internationally, closes on the 17th March. 


Mckfresh Nail Attire is running a giveaway for their 1st Birthday

The prizes: 
Random Australian - MNA credit for $70
Random International - MNA credit for $70
Most creative - MNA credit for $140 

For more info check the post on the Mcfresh Nail Attire Facebook page.


The Australian Indie Polish Appreciation Society was created with a simple goal, to help promote and share the love of Aussie Indie polish brands.

You can join in the fun and keep track of the latest release and sale info, as well as giveaways and other polish related discussions by joining the AIPAS Facebook Group. If a community isn't your style, you can always follow this blog using GFC or Bloglovin and get some of the highlights.

The AIPAS Mod team comprises of Cassie Goodwin (The Reluctant Femme), Nicole Wearmouth, Relle Kins (Lazy Lacquerista) and Teneil Masters (Shades of Phoenix/Shades of Teebee).

You can email the mod team at or send any of us a private FB message.


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